How To Take Care Of Your Health To Make Money With The Internet

This is a subject that recently has come to light, and rightfully so. Many careers have been labeled as severe health concerns such as policemen, air traffic controllers, and stock market traders to name a few.

These types of jobs we all agree with and do not question. However, when the career of a blogger is questioned as being stressful, usually the response is a laugh or rolled eyes.

Hopefully one becomes a blogger because it is something that one finds intriguing and plans to make money with on the Internet. No matter what career you choose, or way of life you follow, without your health you will find neither.

As with anything in life it is how you view the situation, the balance between your work and personal life, your healthy habits in exercise and eating, your control over addiction in all areas and your sleep patterns that really matters.

People in all occupations can get stressed and suffer from ill health. Blogging can be a high-pressure job, but it is usually because of the person, the way they deal with the pressure, their choices, and their boundaries make it that way.

Bloggers need to form their own daily program to ensure good health. Due to the number of hours of sitting, exercise must be incorporated. Also exercise is critical to clear thinking and a brisk walk is better than sitting and having another cup of coffee.

If you are planning to take care of your health to make money with the Internet, then why not invest in an ergonomic chair that helps support your body properly. Also invest in what goes inside your body with the nutrients it needs to keep you going longer.

A poor diet leads to addictions that are unhealthy and to temptations to quickly get you back to the online networking frenzy. Your body and mind are amazing and can take this kind of punishment for quite some time. But is will give it all back to you and then some!

Finally, relationships suffer, your energy and clear thinking are gone, high-blood pressure appears, depression and anger set in and if you continue on that same destructive path there’s room for a stoke or a heart attack. And you thought this is what you wanted.

Without your health you have nothing, so learn now to take care of your health to make money with the Internet and enjoy all that is ahead for you. Have a plan, set boundaries, and take care of you before your job and you Find all the info that you need about " pre workout hardworkout " at
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4 Keys to Good Health

Still in the air of joyous celebrating mood for our Food Safety Excellence Award, I like to share one of my post I wrote for my Nutritional Immunology health blog here. May you enjoy getting all these health tips and start taking actions to lead a healthy, wealthy and happy life.

1. Stable Emotion ~ “Don’t worry, be happy!” Do you know that every time when we are very angry or stressed, our body will secret a hormone call corticosteroid which will suppress our immune system? Long term anxiety and restlessness will cause our immunity to fall rapidly and unable to work optimally. As we’ve discussed how our immune system can protect us and keep us healthy, now I think getting angry or stressed is too high a price to pay, don’t you agree?

2. Exercise ~ The benefits of exercise has been emphasized over and over again. Do not overlook how light and moderate exercise can help us too. Regular deep breathing and after-dinner walks not only keep our fitness, it keeps us in calm and joyous mood as well.

3. Quality Sleep and Rest ~ Everyone needs sleep. It is during sleep that our body cells can repair and rejuvenate themselves. Quality sleep does not mean sleeping for long hours. Have you experience feeling even more tired and zombie after sleeping for too long? Quality sleep is going into deep sleep without disturbance. Adult that sleep about 7-8 hours is more than good enough.

4. Healthy Diet ~ Many people has their own definitions when comes to healthy diet. To some, healthy diet means taking a lot of vitamin and mineral pills. To some, healthy diet means boiling some soups with animal parts or some expensive parts of rare species.. According to Nutritional-Immunology, healthy diet means nutrients deriving from the plant sources. In fact, we use the below 6 criteria to determine if the food is a safe source of nutrition:

(1) Plant source – Plants are high in antioxidants and phytonutrients which are very beneficial to our immune system. On the other hand, animal sources contain fats, hormones, cholesterol, animal protein and viruses which can be very harmful to us.

(2) Healthy Plants – Not all natural plants are healthy. Some plants have medicinal properties, some are very toxic and some are additive which we cannot use them in big quantities and long term.

(3) Wholesome Plants – Wholesome means not going through chemical processing.

(4) Varieties & Quantity – Choosing a variety of plant foods is also crucial for there is no particular plant that can accommodate all of our nutritional needs. Scientists say that we must consume at least 10 different types of plant foods daily for an adequate supply of nutrients.

(5) Power Nutrients – Power nutrients like phytochemicals, antioxidants and polysaccharides are essential in our diet to boost, strengthen and balance our immune system.

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